How did Disney make The Incredibles a success?

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The year was 2004. It had been 12 years since the release of their last film, "Toy Story 2." Disney's recent efforts to make a full-length animated movie had not gone well. The studio spent almost five years working on "Kingdom of the Sun," which ended up being scrapped in favor of an original project called "Lilo and Stitch." Other projects were put on hold for this new endeavor, including one that would have made it possible for Pixar Animation Studios to produce two films simultaneously. This is how The Incredibles was born! This blog post discusses all aspects of how Disney created The Incredibles - from storyboarding animators, to marketing strategies, and so much more! 1. The story of how the incredibles was madeIn the early 2000s, Pixar was coming off a string of blockbuster hits, including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo. They were looking for their next project, and decided to make an animated movie about superheroes. But they didn't want it to be just another superhero movie – they wanted to tell a story that was unique 2. How the animators were able to make a full-length movie in about a yearThe animators at Pixar were able to make a full-length movie in about a year by using a process called “computer animation.” This is a process where the animators create the characters and scenes on computers, and then they are put together to create the film. This allowed them to work faster than traditional hand-drawn 3. The animation style and process used for this filmDue to the film's fast-paced production schedule, many of Disney's traditional animation techniques had to be abandoned. Computer animators working on "The Incredibles" created models with basic shapes which were later covered in layers upon layers of details and textures (modeled after real life items). Shading was simulated by adjusting each individual object 4. What it took to make this animated classic possible Disney made The Incredibles a success by combining an interesting story with creative and innovative animation. In order to make the film in such a short amount of time, the animators had to use a very specific process that involved creating detailed storyboards and using computers to animate the characters. This allowed them to produce full-length movies in about 5. Interviews with some of the people who worked on the film, including John Lasseter and Brad Bird himself ."The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies," said John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar and Disney Animation. "I'm so proud of what Brad Bird accomplished with that film."Bird himself was happy with the final product. "Disney really let us make the movie we wanted to make," he 6. A comparison between an animatic from before production began and what we see today as finished produciton.What were the most important things that happened in the life of The Incredibles? What was your favorite part about working on this film? How did they come up with such a unique and interesting way to animate it rather than using traditional methods like all other movies do these days?How does this make you feel when you think about

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