Reasons Why You Should Care about Your Calories

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We all know that calories are important for maintaining a healthy diet, but it can be hard to keep track of them. That's why in this blog post we'll discuss what they are and why you should care about your caloric intake! 1. What are calories and kilocalories, how do they differ, and why is it important to know the difference?A calorie is a unit of measurement that determines how much energy your body can obtain from the food you eat. Kilocalories (kcal) are simply calories multiplied by 1000, so they're a more accurate way to measure the amount of energy your body takes in. Knowing how many calories and kilocalories you consume 2. Why you should care about your caloric intake Calories are what you should be paying attention to. Calories, not your weight or the number of carbs in a food item! You can lose weight on virtually anything if you burn more calories than you consume (it’s common knowledge that this is true!), but knowing how many calories you need per day will help with planning out your 3. How to increase your daily caloric intake (and not feel guilty)There are many ways to increase your daily caloric intake without feeling guilty. One way is to add an extra serving of protein or healthy fat to each meal. This will help you feel full and satisfied, without adding too many extra calories. You can also try snacking on nutrient-rich foods like nuts, seeds, and fruit throughout the day 4. Ways to decrease your total calorie consumption per day without feeling like you're on a diet or depriving yourself of anything that tastes good.One way to decrease your daily calorie intake without feeling like you're on a diet is to make small changes to the foods that you eat. For example, try swapping out high-calorie ingredients for lower-calorie alternatives. Here are a few ideas:• Instead of using whole milk in your coffee or tea, use 5. Recipes for healthy foods that will give you plenty of energy throughout the day while also keeping you full until dinner time.Breakfast: Omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Served with a side of whole grain toast.Lunch: Black bean burger on a whole wheat bun served with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. Dessert: Fresh fruit salad. Dinner: Grilled salmon 6. Tips for eating out when trying to maintain a healthy lifestylIt can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you're eating out. Here are some tips for making smart choices: -Ask your server about the healthiest options on the menu. Many restaurants now have dishes that are lower in calories and fat.-Order smaller portions. You can always order an appetizer or split

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