What is a Data Scientist? Why are there so many data scientists in Silicon Valley?

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What is a data scientist? In this blog post, we will discuss the skills, salary and other specifics needed to become a data scientist. We'll start with what you need to know about what a data scientist does, and why they are so prevalent in Silicon Valley. Data scientists have been proliferating across Silicon Valley for years now - but not just here! They're also working across New York City and London as well as cities around the globe. Why is that? 1. What is a data scientist?A data scientist is a professional who extracts insights from data. They use their knowledge of statistics, machine learning and programming to analyze large amounts of data and find trends or patterns. Data scientists are in high demand in Silicon Valley because they can help companies make better decisions by understanding how customers behave and what products they might be interested in. 2. Why are there so many data scientists in Silicon Valley?Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's biggest companies, including Google and Facebook. These companies need data scientists more than most because they are dealing with huge amounts of data that must be analyzed in order for them to improve their product or service. The salary of a Data Scientist: 3. The salary of a data scientist A data scientist in Silicon Valley can earn between $200,000 and $300,000 a year. Salaries will vary depending on the company that they work for but also how much experience they have as well as their education level. Some of the most sought-after companies such as Google or Facebook offer salaries above average 4. What skills do you need to be a successful data scientist A data scientist needs to be able to communicate, as well as write and speak fluently. They should have a certain level of knowledge in statistics, mathematics, programming languages such as Java or R. Beyond that they also need business sense and the ability to understand problems quickly. The salary for a Data Scientist is relatively high compared 5. How can I become a Data ScientistThere are many training and certification courses available to help individuals learn the skills necessary for a career as a data scientist. A few of those include:- Introduction into Data Science with Python - Analyzing Unstructured Text Using Deep Learning & NLP - Applied Machine Learning in Python - Intro To R For Data 6. Why should I become one if it's hard work and not very lucrativ- You can do your own experiments - There are many opportunities for data scientists in the future. - Data science is no longer reserved for people with advanced degrees or lots of experience. The technology to learn it has grown exponentially, while the stigma attached to learning these skills has declined. "You don't need a PhD—

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