11 Ways to Keep Your Indian Girlfriend Happy

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Hi! I'm really glad that you found this blog post, and I hope it helps you in your quest to keep your girlfriend happy. There are a number of things that you should know about Indian culture before dating an Indian girl: indian girls like to be spoiled with gifts and compliments, they need time alone every day or they will start feeling suffocated by the relationship, and they want their boyfriends to take charge as much as possible. But there is also some good news: once you know these tips on how to make her feel special, she'll be so impressed by your attentiveness that she'll never want to leave! 1. What are some things that you should know about Indian culture before dating an Indian 1. What are some things that you should know about Indian culture before dating an Indian girlThe first thing that you should know about Indian culture is how to be a gentleman. If you're going out on a date, go early and pick her up from the door of wherever she's staying. Don't come in unless she instructs you to do so or there's an emergency.In terms of physical contact, hugs 2. What are the best ways to show your love for an indian girl-Complimenting her on the little things is always a good place to start. If she looks nice, tell her! If you notice something about her that they do differently from what people in your culture might do it's okay to point it out and compliment them for doing xyz !" You can also buy small gifts or pick flowers 3. Tips on how to make her feel specialThe last thing you want to do is make your Indian girlfriend feel unappreciated or unloved. You should always try to show her that she is the most important person in your life and never take her for granted. Do not withhold affection from her because it will only drive a wedge between the two of you, especially if she has 4. How do I keep my relationship with an indian girl fresh and new-Keeping your partner happy is not an easy task. One way to make sure that she stays satisfied with you is by keeping things "fresh and new." What does this mean? It means making the extra effort of doing something special for her every once in a while, like taking her out on a date or surprising her at home with candle 5. How can I impress my indian girlfriend ?""You can impress your girlfriend by taking her out to a nice restaurant, cooking her favorite meal or even buying flowers. Be creative and always try to do something new." 6. Why is it important for me to respect her culture if she's from India ?One of the most important things you should know about Indian culture is that they place a lot of importance on respecting their family and friends. This means that if your girlfriend comes from India, it's very likely she'll expect you to be respectful towards her own parents as well. If this isn't something you're comfortable doing then it might not

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