12 ways to keep your kids entertained

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1. Have a designated area for the kids to play in every room of your house. 2. Always have toys available for them to play with, even if you are busy. 3. Give them plenty of time outside each day to run around and get exercise, then take them back inside when they're tired or it's getting dark out. 4. Make sure that there is always something delicious on hand for snacks! Cookies are great because they can be eaten right away without having to cook anything up first--just grab one from the jar and go! 5. Take time each day (or week) to plan several fun activities that will keep their attention at different points during the day so you 1. 2. Make up games- Draw on the driveway with chalk. - Practice writing letters in sidewalk chalk. - Use sidewalk paint to draw shapes and pictures. - Play hopscotch or jump rope outside using a stick as your "jump rope" by placing it between your feet when you skip over it, instead of 3. Give them a book to readIf you're not keen on your children reading books that you would. This is why it's important to give them something they will enjoy, but also check the content before handing it over! You could simply ask what their favourite genre or author is and make sure anything new meets these requirements. Whether this means 4. Play the I Spy GameThe "I spy with my little eye" game can be played inside or outside, and is a great way to keep kids occupied for hours! It's also an excellent opportunity for them to improve their vocabulary. You start by picking something in your kid's surroundings - such as "I spy with my little eye, something 5. 6.

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