Unique Hair Colors That'll Make You Fall for Your Look

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What is a bi color? Bi colors are when you have two different hair colors on the same person. It can be anything from light brown and dark blonde to light red and deep purple, or any other combination! The best way to get this look is by using semi-permanent dye that will last about 6 weeks. This way, your hair won't need to be dyed again until after the summer! 1. What is a bi color?A bi color is a hair color that has two different colors throughout. It can be black and blonde or brown with red undertones, for example. 2. How to get the perfect bi color A bi color hair dye is simply when you use two different colors to dye your hair. - For example, if you wanted a perfect bi color hair, using the same amount of blonde and brunette over each other will achieve this look - Using more than one box for thicker or longer locks will also create a beautiful 3. The best hair colors for your skin tone and eye color- Try mixing two different colors together to create a unique color that's perfect for you. Using the same color on all of your hair isn't very exciting, so why not try something new? Mixing up your hairstyle can do wonders in terms of making it look more interesting and refreshing! There are many different combinations you could use when 4. Tips for getting out of a rut with your hair color-Add some fun hair accessories! -Change your part or style. -Try a new hairstyle, updo, or ponytail. -If you typically wear glasses, try going without them on an outing and see how it feels to have more attention on the way you look rather than what's behind those 5. Tri-color highlights and ombre dye jobs There are many ways to experiment with your hair color. One of the most popular trends right now is tri-color highlights and ombre dye jobs, where three colors are used in one dye job. This can be done by highlighting several strands of your natural color throughout the top layer of hair, creating a blended effect that's ch 6. How to take care of your colored lock- Shampoo and condition often to keep your color rich. - Don't wash very frequently, since weekly washes will help maintain the vibrancy of your locks. - Use sulfate free shampoo on colored hair to avoid stripping away all that tender loving care you just put into it! - For omb

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