Five Creative Ways to Save Both Dolphins and Puffer Fish

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What are dolphins and puffer fish? Some people might think that they are the same animal. They look very different, but both animals are critically endangered. A dolphin is a mammal, which means it has lungs and breathes air like humans do. Dolphins live in oceans around the world. Pufferfish can be found in saltwater or freshwater habitats all over the world as well! It's important to protect these two animals from extinction because if we don't then there won't be any more of them left for us to see! 1. What are dolphins and puffer fish?Dolphins and puffer fish are both aquatic animals. Dolphins live in the ocean, while puffers can be found along coastlines or near to shoreline areas of rivers and lakes. 2. How can you tell the difference between a dolphin and a puffer fish ?Dolphins have a longer beak and are bigger in size compared to puffer fish. Puffers also have spines on their back while dolphins do not, they only have fins. A dolphin's dorsal fin is curved inward while the puffers' peak outwards at an angle. Puffers will inflate with 3. Where do dolphins live Dolphins are most commonly found in warm, coastal areas. They can typically be spotted around coral reefs and island chains due to the high amounts of food that is abundant there.Dolphins tend to migrate during cold seasons and warmer months when they find more food sources available for them; however, some dolphins do not migrate at all because 4. Where do puffer fish livePuffer fish live in fresh water, coastal waters and oceans. 5. Why is it important to protect both of these animals from extinctionDolphins and puffer fish are both important to the ecosystem. Both dolphins and puffer fish help regulate their environment. They also support other species around them in various ways, such as acting as prey for larger predators or attracting smaller sea life that helps feed those animals. Dolphins play this role by helping to pull sharks up from the depths 6. What can we do to help save the dolphins and puffer fish?- Donate to a cause that is trying to protect both dolphins and the ocean. - Visit your local aquarium often, especially if they have dolphin shows! - Volunteer at an animal shelter or ask questions about what you can do in your own community. This will help spread awareness for these particular

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