How to Avoid and Get Out of Poor Service

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We all know that customer service is important, but what do you do when the person on the other end of the line doesn't seem to care? It can be frustrating and confusing. This blog post will teach you how to avoid poor customer service, as well as how to get out of it if you are already in a bad situation. We'll also share some personal stories about our own experiences with poor customer service so that we can offer tips for getting good service when you need it most. This blog post will cover: -What is Poor Service -How does Poor Service Affect People -Why Should I Care About Poor Customer Service -How Do I Avoid Having Bad Customer Service ( 1. What is poor servicePoor service is when a person providing the product or service does not treat you with respect, ignores your needs and requests, acts as if they are doing you a favor by offering assistance.poor services can be very frustrating because it makes people feel like their problems aren't being taken seriously. This often leads to customers becoming angry which then results 2. How does it affect people Poor customer service has a negative impact on people. When they receive poor service, customers not only feel bad about it but also take their frustration out on the company and sometimes even each other. For example, when someone with an urge to complain these days tweets or writes a review online, others join in because now everyone knows what happened thanks to technology so 3. Why should I care about poor service People who have bad customer service are more likely to spread their negative experience to other people, which can seriously damage a business reputation. Not only that but these customers may also be less inclined to purchase from the company again in the future. People who receive poor customer service are much less likely to recommend this company or product than those whose needs were 4. How do I avoid having bad customer serviceOne way to avoid poor service is by choosing your business carefully. Make sure that you are spending money at a place that has good reviews and people seem happy with their experience rather than one without many reviews or where there are multiple negative experiences reported online. 5. Examples of bad customer service experiences (include at least one personal story)Trying to get a refund at Best Buy for an iPad that I had no longer needed ended up being the worst customer service experience of my life. The representative was dismissive and rude, even though all I wanted to do was return something within the store's policy . It took over three months before they finally gave me back my money 6. Tips on how to get good customer service when you need it most (include tips for restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses)-Remember that you are not entitled to good service. You have to earn it sometimes by being a great customer yourself, but don't expect them to bow down at your feet because of your money alone. -Make sure you do what the business needs for you in order to be treated well and get their full attention when needed

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