10 Ways to Eliminate Pains from an Ulcer

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Ulcers can be a painful and frustrating experience. They are often caused by the H. pylori bacteria, which is found in more than half of all people on Earth! But don't worry, we have 10 ways that you can help eliminate pains from an ulcer. 1. eat fruits that are acidic.The best way to eliminate the pain is to eat fruits that are acidic. These include oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes. Make sure you drink plenty of water with your meal as well - this will help flush out stomach acid after a meal so it doesn't sit there burning away at your ulcer. A good herbal tea 2. drink water or herbal tea 3. avoid eating spicy foods If you have an ulcer, spicy foods can cause pain and irritation. Avoid eating the following items: - Spicy hot sauces - Pimiento peppers - Pepper or pepper sauce - Chili powder or chili seasoning - Paprika These spices contain capsaicin which irritates your stomach lining. They should be avoided to reduce symptoms of a 4. use a straw to drink liquids Straws are amazing for many reasons, not just drinking sodas or smoothies. If you have an ulcer and want to avoid exacerbating the pain with acidic foods, then try using a straw when drinking your favorite beverages! The bacteria protection provided by yogurt has been shown to be helpful in maintaining stomach acid balance. Drinking 5. eat yogurt with live cultures for bacteria protection and relief of stomach acid -Yogurt with live cultures contains probiotics which help maintain healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. 6. don't smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol because it will irritate the ulce*Do not write numbers or bullet points.

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