13 Reasons to Create a Business Website

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A business website is an essential part of any marketing plan. Here are 13 reasons why you should create a business website: 1) It's the cornerstone of your marketing strategy 2) Your customers will love it and they'll be able to find you online 3) A site can increase revenue by 20% or more 4) You'll have more exposure on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN 1.It's important to have a business website for your company because it will show that you are professional and establish credibility. 2. Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is a free web traffic analysis tool. It provides data on the number of visitors to your website, where they are coming from, what pages viewers are visiting and how long they have stayed for. This information will help you identify any issues with the design or layout of your website so that you can make improvements before making it public 3. Add a photo to your blog post. 4. Add Mobile Optimized SectionsMobile browsing is growing quickly, and Google has even said that websites optimized for mobile are given preference in search results. With this being the case, it’s important to optimize your website for maximum reader convenience. Although you don’t have to make a separate version of your site just yet (as many 5. 6.

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