How to Apply Creative Designs in your Life

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In this post, we will talk about the benefits of creative design in your life and career. Creative design can drastically change how you feel, think and work. In our first section, we will discuss what creative design is and how it has been used throughout history. Next, we'll look at creative designs in the workplace and home setting to see if they have a positive effect on productivity. We'll finish by looking at where else you can incorporate creative design into your life or business model to get a boost in creativity! 1. What is creative design?Creative design is the process of being creative in your life, work and career. What does that mean? It means to be a little different in what you do every day or week in order for it to not feel like a boring routine. For example, if you’re working with people on an everyday basis try wearing 2. Creative design in the workplace -For example, you can come up with a new design for your office desk. This is not the same as simply rearranging furniture to make things fit better or be more efficient. Rather it’s an original idea that makes other people take notice and create a conversation about what you have done. In many cases this will lead others to 3. Creative design in the home -Whenever you're doing a task, try to find ways to make it more creative; use your imagination and think outside the box. How about that chore that seemed dreadfully boring before - like washing dishes? Instead of mindlessly scrubbing each dish after dinner: • Singe some tunes while cleaning! Or...• Turn 4. Creative design outside of work and home -Creative design is not necessarily limited to work and home. -A creative mindset can open up a world of possibilities in your life outside of the office or house. Let's explore some examples: *If you love reading books, why not pursue writing one? You never know! You could become an author like many 5. The benefits of creative design for you and your business or home Benefits of creative design for you and your business or home: -Creative designs can improve creativity in the workplace, which is beneficial to both employees and employers. Creative employees tend to be happier with their job as well as more likely to stay long term.-Your home workspace should also receive a makeover! Home office 6. How to apply creative designs to your life and careeNote: *You can replace "career" with your own word*

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