What is Cilantro

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What is cilantro? Cilantro is a leafy plant that has been used in Mexican and Indian cooking for centuries. The leaves are often chopped up and used as a garnish, or sometimes added to dishes whole. It has a distinctive taste that can be described as citrusy, peppery or soapy, depending on the person describing it! Is cilantro safe for conures? The answer to this question depends on what your conure likes to eat. Conures love eating fresh fruits and vegetables in general - including cilantro! Whether they're safe for them or not really just depends on how much of any given food item you feed them. How do I stop my conure from eating cilantro? If 1. What is cilantro Cilantro  ( Coriandrum sativum ) is an herb that can either be called cilantro or Chinese parsley. It has a distinctive smell and flavor that isn't everyone's cup of tea (or, in this case, bowl of bird food). 2. Is cilantro safe for conures ? Cilantro, also known as coriander leaf or Chinese parsley is safe for conures. Cilantro can be added to a parrot’s diet but moderation should be present because it contains certain amounts of oxalic acid and goitrogens that may cause health problems if not monitored properly. These compounds are found in 3. Why do conures eat cilantro Conures may eat cilantro because they are attracted to its strong scent. They also enjoy the texture of this leafy herb and like to munch on it as well. Cilantro is not toxic for conures, so if their favorite treat isn't available, there's no need for concern about them missing out! - Con 4. How to stop a conure from eating cilantro • Place cilantro in a place that your conure cannot access. • Hide the cilantro with other food items or by using dishes to block it from sight, smell or reach. • Put out smaller pieces of cut up cilantro so they may not find all of what you have placed down. • If 5. Conclusions on can conures eat cilantroCan conures eat cilantro? Yes! Conures can absolutely eat cilantro. They should not have too much of it though, so be sure to only give them a small amount every once in awhile. It is also safe for other parrots and birds as well, but they will likely still think that the smell isn't very good 6. Categorize this blog post under the following topics - pet, bird, fruits and vegetables, food safet...

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